Take Care...
** Moisture! Moisture! Moisture!!!!!
Deep condition hair - 6-8 wks (relaxed)
                                  every other shampoo (natural)

**Drink plenty of Water!!!
* Trim ends every 6-8 wks or as needed
* Conditioning treatments vary depending on hair type & texture...
* Detangle strands from ends up

Shampoo 1-2 wks.
Use: Cleansing shampoo (1x)
Moisturizing shampoo (2x)
Use: Leave-In Conditioner
Light oil or moisturizer

**Reduce Heat Use!!! 1-2x a week
** Reduce Heat Temperature around hairline!!!

* Wrap your hair at night, cover with silk/satin scarf or silk/satin bonnet
*Pin curl to maintain curls - Do Not pin flat to your head, this will flatten curls

* Wrap or pin curl
* Curly hair: Wet hair down entirely, detangle, apply product, scrunch with towel, either air dry or diffuse
-this will need to be done every 2-3 days to tame/define curls
*Wavy hair: Detangle
 1. Braid at night
 2. Wet down hair entirely, apply product, scrunch with towel, air dry or diffuse
- this will need to be done every 3-4 days

* Brush daily/nightly - detangle